Crafty Fingers

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Our Latest Timetable:
31st July Tues Fun knit 3wks 10yrs upwards 12.30-1.30 £33
31st July Tues Kids Knit 3wks -6yrs upwards 1.30-2.30 £33
31st July Tues Cupcakes 3-4pm £15
1st Aug Wed Slime 1-2pm £15
1st Aug Wed slime 03-Apr £15
2nd Aug Thurs Arty kids Dinosaur/unicorn pictures  10-Nov £15
2nd Aug Thurs Arty kids  Dinosaur/unicorn pictures 11.30-12.30 £15
2nd Aug Thurs Slime 1-2pm £15
2nd Aug Thurs Slime 3-4pm £15
3RD Aug Fri Cupcakes 10-Nov £15
3RD Aug Fri Pipe cleaner flowers 11-Dec £15
3RD Aug Fri Cupcakes 12-Jan £15
3RD Aug Fri Slime 1.30-2.30 £15
3RD Aug Fri Sime 03-Apr £15
6th Aug Mon cupcakes 1-2pm £15
6th Aug Mon No sew hearts 03-Apr £15
7th Aug Tues Fabric Painting 10-Nov £15
7th Aug Tues Hand Puppets 11.30-12.30 £15
7th Aug Tues Pencil tidies 1.30-2.30 £15
8th Aug Wed Cupcakes 10-Nov £15
8th Aug Wed Fabric Painting 10-Nov £15
8th Aug Wed Pencil tidies 11.30-12.30 £15
8th Aug Wed Hand Puppets 1.30-2.30 £15
8th Aug Wed Slime 03-Apr £15
9th Aug Thurs Arty Kids 10-Nov £15
9th Aug Thurs Arty Kids 11.30-12.30 £15
9th Aug Thurs Slime 1-2pm £15
9th Aug Thurs Cupcakes 3-4pm £15
10th Aug Fri Cupcakes 10-Nov £15
10th Aug Fri Cupcakes 11.30-12.30 £15
10th Aug Fri Book folding Fairy House 12-1pm £15
10th Aug Fri Slime  1-2pm £15
10th Aug Fri Slime 3-4pm £15
13th Aug Mon Slime 1-2pm £15
13th Aug Mon Pipe cleaner flowers 3-4pm £15
14th Aug Tues Paper plate animals 10-11pm £15
14th Aug Tues Canvas and aboriginal art 11.30-12.30 £15
14th Aug Tues Felt toys- unicorn, mermicorn 1.30-2.30 £15
15th Aug Wed Fabric Painting 10-Nov £15
15th Aug Wed Pencil tidies 11.30-12.30 £15
15th Aug Wed Cupcakes 1-2pm £15
15th Aug Wed Hand Puppets      1.30-2.30 £15
16th Aug Thurs Arty Kids 10-Nov £15
16th Aug Thurs Arty Kids 11.30-12.30 £15
16th Aug Thurs Cupcakes 1-2pm £15
16th Aug Thurs Slime 3-4pm £15
17th Aug Fri Cupcakes 10-Nov £15
17th Aug Fri Cupcakes 12-1pm £15
17th Aug Fri Slime 2-3pm £15
20th Aug Mon Cupcakes 10-Nov £15
20th Aug Mon Cupcakes 12-1pm £15
20th Aug Mon Star War puppets 3-4pm £15
21st Aug Tues Dreamcatchers 10-Nov £15
21st Aug Tues Felted Soap 11-Dec £15
21st Aug Tues Pipe Cleaner flowers 11-Dec £15
21st Aug Tues Slime 1-2pm £15
22nd Aug Wed Cupcakes 11-Dec £15
22nd Aug Wed Star wars puppets 1.30-2.30 £15
22nd Aug Wed Slime 3-4pm £15
23rd Aug Thurs Cupcakes 10-Nov £15
23rd Aug Thurs Cupcakes 12-1pm £15
23RD Aug Thurs Slime 2-3pm £15
24th Aug Fri Slime 10-11pm £15
24th Aug Fri Slime 12-1pm £15
24th Aug  Fri Cupcakes 3-4pm £15

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