Prices, offers and places on our courses are subject to availability.

Before making a booking on any of our courses if you have any queries relating to the Terms please call the centre or email us at contact@craftyfingers.co.uk

The safety of our clients is important to us and these measures are required to meet our standards at Crafty Fingers, in particular, your attention is drawn to the provisions regarding your medical conditions and food allergies

We are happy to cater for most special needs providing this is discussed prior to the booking being made. Please advise us of any medical condition/food intolerances or allergies that may affect your ability to fully take part in the course.

In addition, you confirm and accept that:
(i) We are not able to provide a nut-free cooking/training environment
(ii) We use a standard sponge recipe for all cakes on our courses which contains wheat flour, eggs and butter and may contain nuts.
(iii) You will use only the ingredients provided by us for the course.

If you are NOT able to agree to and confirm these conditions before making any booking please email us or call the centre,

Cancellation by us and our Liability to you
We reserve the right to amend or cancel any course, course/class times, dates, duration or published prices. Changes to course/class prices, times, dates and duration will be advised before the course/class start date (using the contact number/s you have provided) Any course/class already paid in full will not be subject to an increased price.

Where a course /class has been cancelled by us you will be offered an alternative for the same course/class subject to availability or a full refund.

Cancellations and Refunds
Our courses/classes are supplied on a specific date and time and as such our standard policy is NOT to provide any refund of the course/class fee in the event that you have to cancel your course/class for any reason.

Subject to this policy we may at our absolute discretion provide a refund of the Course(less £15 administrative charge)

Our courses/classes are supplied on a specific date and time and as such our standard policy is NOT to allow transfers from one-course date to another. If you, for any reason, cannot attend your course/class, subject to this policy, in exceptional circumstances we may at our absolute discretion allow transfers from one course/class date to another. In the event that you or any person for whom you have booked a Course and are unable to attend and wish to transfer you must call us at least 7 days in advance of the course/class date.